Fort Lords.

When things went to hell there were those brought their closest friends and family together and fortified their homes. Larger forts were quite successful and nowadays each fort is ruled by a Lord, Lady or family who has absolutely dominion over those staying safety within their walls.

These Fort Lands consist of numerous rival forts, each with its own customs, laws and distinctive style. Most have a clear visual identity, with clear means of telling rank and station, such as jewellery, tattoos, quality of suit or size of weapon.
The ruler of each fort has absolute control, and those who are rulers fiercely hold onto their power through tests of trust, control of food or water and fostering loyalty.


The Forts value postering and position, and the luxuries rank brings.  They are firmly independant but never neutral.

Between the forts is a wasteland; uninhabited, lawless and dangerous. Apart from the odd sortie by an over confident fighter trying to gain renown, there are no checks on the shamblers who make the wasteland home.

Solo players would likely act as mercenaries, gaining hospitality and fame for their actions in support of a Fort Lord, while groups would represent a Fort itself, trying to carve out a place for themselves in the worse and best a post-apocalyptic feudal Essex would have to offer.

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Truce Lands.

The Truce lands formed when the region was cut off the by an immense swarm of Shamblers which spread south from London. The mishmash of refugees from vanquished raiders, religious pilgrims and various survivors did not at first bond peacefully, but the only way to survive was to put their differences aside and agree a Truce between the various groups. This led to various groups maintaining their independence and identity, while being welcome and helping others, including strangers, when needed.
However, despite being the most populated area of the U.K., the people here live on a knife edge. This last chance for humanity is threatened from within and without; the countless hordes of London, crowded lands for farming and internal conflict each risk breaking this region apart.

Those in the Truce Lands search for something better, as such research, team work and trade are almost essential parts of this community.  Currently the Truce Lands are protected by the military might of the 13th Rifles.

Solo players would represent newcomers or residents either looking for, or living in, relative peace. Such people might have contacts in the larger groups but have decided to keep away from the politics of the larger communities.
A band of players might represent a scattered community in the region who come together a few times a year to trade or celebrate together.
Official player groups could either be a larger settled communities or represent a band of new arrivals in what is considered the promised land.

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The Partnership.

Trade is the lifeblood of many settlements as no single group can produce everything a community needs to sustain itself. Enterprising individuals began a trading outpost in this region, exchanging surplus for what was needed the most, whether it be food, medicines, slaves or things even darker. This grew in power as the Free Market and Crows joined and representatives from the Domain added the muscle needed to enforce the laws.

The Partnership is a place of inequity, secrets and blood.  Loyalty and obedience are cherished over compassion or cooperation.  There are rumours that the sinister influence of the Dominion influences the people of the Partnership.

The epicentre of the partnership is the Forum, a meticulously guarded storage and trade area based at Longleat Manor, allegedly defended by ferocious lions and hippos.
The Forum acts as an information source, mass storage and helps fix the price of various trading commodities. 

Solo players based here could be low-end merchants trying to make it big, survivors attracted to the immoral nature of the decaying apocalypse, or a hedonist looking to enjoy the last days of the world.

Slave Lands.

Bordering the Fort Lords is another place of many living inhabitants, but this is not a civilisation or place people wish to be.

Many survivors have not coped with the changes to the world, and have withdrawn within themselves, willing to be treated as chattel in return for the simplest of existences and the odd scrap of food.

These are the lands that people are captured to be traded or used elsewhere as property.

Although in the 13th protected lands and within the Truce, slavery is rightly treated as an abomination, there are other places, such as some keeps or the Partnership, where such things are accepted.

Players in this region might be wandering Protectors or Preachers, trying to form a resistance against the slavers, while groups could be slavers themselves, working to get a good price from a nearby Fort Lord.


The three great settled regions aren’t the only places groups and individuals live, there are many bolt holes, less risky areas and strongholds across the U.K.
While there are also many areas so deadly that no one could survive within, players may suggest anywhere in the U.K. as their home base. Groups can make a base anywhere they wish except for already occupied areas and some plot locations.