Downtime covers the time where a character is not an an event. This time is usually spent gathering food, spending weeks hiding from passing hordes, or recovering from injuries.


Each player receives a googlesheet document with information about their character and their environment.  This is an interactive and dynamic document which is updated by both the refs and the player.


Character Sheet


The first sheet is the character sheet, a copy of this is given to each player at the start of the event. It includes maximum health and endurance, modified by events and skills.

There are also two sections, the first is a list of all the skills a character has; these are a list of the special actions that character has access to.

The second section is a list of knowledge, crafting options and activities they might do at an event.




Player and event information is found on the next sheet, along with an extensive section that allows a player to pick new skills, once they are available.

More information about head new skills can usually be found from other players at an event.


Wider world

This sheets gives the player information about where their character is in the world.

Starting with equipment, the player can see what items they have and give away equipment to other local characters.

This section shows both nearby settlements and both small player buildings and large group constructions - these can be used for a variety of purposes

Next is information and a map showing rumours, news and reports of the immediate world around them.

Finally on this page are the ACTIONS.

A character may move to any other part of the world, either by choosing a location they know is safe through the menu, or by typing their own choice of destination and blindly travelling there.  You may choose a location and learn more about it immediately before making a definite decision.

Each character then has two actions per downtime, with the option of a third in exchange for a unit of fuel.

Actions include things like GATHERING resources and equipment, CRAFTING items such as armour or medicines, or BUILDING small structures such as workshop or safe houses.  There are other actions which depend on the characters skills, location and other factors.

Knowledgable characters will also have the ability to give plans to a group leader to CONSTRUCT larger projects; this does not take a characters action but does require a group leader to dedicate group stores and workgroup actions to the project.



This page shows the characters home base and group details.  For solo players it is mostly empty.


There are 4 positions within a group; Leader, Deputy, Quartermaster and Member.

The Leader is the player with the Leader skill, no other players usually have access to this skill tree.  The leader has access to group resources, workgroups and group stores. The Deputy also has the same access but does not need the Leader skill, this allows the deputy to help with downtime actions.

A quartermaster has access to the group resources but does not control workgroups or construction projects, while the basic member does not have access to the group resources and must be given them by a higher ranking group member is they need them.

Ranks can be changed by the group leader or deputy by emailing us.