The common currency is now represented as "Barter Items".  Each player will gain Barter Items in downtime, and are then encouraged to use this at events for low importance trade.  Players are welcome to bring non-resource items to sell for Barter Items, such as food or drink.


Barter items are represented using a physical prop and a Ref-supplied gold ribbon. 


Objects which make good props for Barter Items include (but are not limited to): Cigarette packets (empty, but representing full ones), jewelry (empty ring boxes are good), asthma inhalers (again, empty ones), packs of mints or gum and similar easy to carry items.

Leather, wood and many other items are useful for crafting


Fuel, usually a dirty form of bio-diesel, is useful to keep generators running, or use vehicles in downtime.


Drill bits, saw blades, certain acids, acetylene tanks and even bolts and screws are in rare supply, but are essential for building and crafting. 


Bandages, antiseptic, gauze, surgical gloves and other supplies are needed for medical procedures.


While medicines cover the requirements for surgery and first aid, pharmaceuticals refer to the actual pills, injections, narcotics and even poisons people ingest, inject or inhale.


Similar to pharmaceuticals, verdure represents the naturally growing sources of medicines, antidotes, poisons and drugs.  Those who know how to use them will be able to convert them to both medicines and pharmaceuticals, but cannot be stored for long without processing them somehow.