The 'Trade Gathering' events represent an annual gathering of the various survivors in order to trade resources, exchange news, celebrate life or mourn those who died. Of course, there will be some who seek to settle debts or take items by force, so protection is essential.
Speaking of protection, the noise of such a gathering will attract the attention of both infected creatures and hostile gangs, so camps may want to think about guard patrols, a task possibly suited to solo player mercenaries for hire.

Players will also be able to explore the surrounding area and go on missions to achieve various objectives. This gives players the opportunity for danger and rewards, or just the opportunity to bash some undead heads in!

Camping and Facilities

Toilets will be available


There is no source of drinking water on site, so be sure to bring enough for the weekend.


All rubbish must be put in heavy weight dustbin bags, tied and placed in the bins provided.


Barbecues and raised fires are allowed, but must be attended at all times


Food and meals should be prepared and eaten in-character


Groups will be allocated camping space together

Minimum age is 16, players under 18 must be accompanied by a responsible adult